BORED AND BUSY As march continues it is with an air of nervousness. a lot of pf people were getting a bit too excited by the coronavirus and when Spain was forced to close its borders and close down all school, I and the rest of the country were forces into a very large case… Read more »


I AM SICK For me, March began with annoyance. I was sick of being sick! We had already been to a Hospital and so as we left for the second I wasn’t feeling very happy. I had nothing to fear, my host mum and dad helped me get to the Hospital and José helped me… Read more »


SHOPPING You’d think that after only three weeks of exchange I would still have all my clothes intact, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply when you live Sey. My delightful little doggy loves to play and so do I but she also likes to eat all my clothes. In the third weeks I decided to take a… Read more »


SCHOOL After a week of exploring Las Palmas, trying to sort out my visa and meeting up with Makena and Ludovica (see January 2), I felt that I was already deeply stuck into the Gran Canarian way of life as well as my families, and so it was time to start school (all though I… Read more »


DEPARTURE The day of my departure began with rain, something we had been waiting for, a long, long time. I was so happy that I got to see Australia alive before I left because it had been dying for weeks.  My family and I walked down to our little pool and saw it full! I… Read more »


OVERVIEW January began with quite a lot of panic, a constant nervousness for the beginning of the exchange. I had been holding off on packing for as long possible until it had to be done, it made it seem like I was leaving much sooner and I wasn’t ready for that. I had also been… Read more »


OVERVIEW This month has been spent preparing for my departure. I have been improving my language learning methods, trying to fit in as much Spanish as possible before I am there. I have also been preparing a farewell party to celebrate (or commiserate) with my friends later this month. I will be sad to leave… Read more »