THE HOLIDAY HOUSE After around four months of being stuck inside until the evenings, my host family and I hit a lucky streak! we were able to go and visit my host grandparents house in the centre of the island. It was about three or four times the size of the flat we lived in… Read more »


#QUEDATEENCASA The beginning of May was extremely boring with a lot of Netflix, card games, sleeping and eating. The only time I was allowed out of the house was if I was shopping, pretending to shop or doing my timed walk at 8pm. The Spanish government decided to put a curfew on everyone depending on… Read more »


ENTERTAINMENT Well, what an adventure. The month of April continued with boredom, occasional fun, minimal excitement and an epic family. I didn’t get much work and what I did get I finished quickly, the only meeting I had with school was an online class with the ethics teacher. I also had to make an Art… Read more »


This month has been very interesting. My host family and I have been stuck inside for over 30 days and during the beginning of April the quarantine was increased till the 26th of April, all in all, it will have been 60 days of the years. I am not going to focus on the negative… Read more »


BORED AND BUSY As march continues it is with an air of nervousness. a lot of pf people were getting a bit too excited by the coronavirus and when Spain was forced to close its borders and close down all school, I and the rest of the country were forces into a very large case… Read more »


I AM SICK For me, March began with annoyance. I was sick of being sick! We had already been to a Hospital and so as we left for the second I wasn’t feeling very happy. I had nothing to fear, my host mum and dad helped me get to the Hospital and José helped me… Read more »


SHOPPING You’d think that after only three weeks of exchange I would still have all my clothes intact, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply when you live Sey. My delightful little doggy loves to play and so do I but she also likes to eat all my clothes. In the third weeks I decided to take a… Read more »


SCHOOL After a week of exploring Las Palmas, trying to sort out my visa and meeting up with Makena and Ludovica (see January 2), I felt that I was already deeply stuck into the Gran Canarian way of life as well as my families, and so it was time to start school (all though I… Read more »


DEPARTURE The day of my departure began with rain, something we had been waiting for, a long, long time. I was so happy that I got to see Australia alive before I left because it had been dying for weeks.  My family and I walked down to our little pool and saw it full! I… Read more »


OVERVIEW January began with quite a lot of panic, a constant nervousness for the beginning of the exchange. I had been holding off on packing for as long possible until it had to be done, it made it seem like I was leaving much sooner and I wasn’t ready for that. I had also been… Read more »