My family and I live deep in the Blue Mountains bush, in a beautiful straw-bale and cob house which we built together. Actually we now have five different sorts of buildings which we built together. Our house is built out of anything we could get our hands on: tyres, hey bales, mud, dirt, mulch, and it still turned out to be amazing.


Their are six members of my family: my dad Steve, my mum S’haila, my older sister Lyla, my older brother Lemuel, my dog Pinkus and myself. We are a good family, currently I am the only offspring left living in the house as my two older siblings have moved out.

I am interested in many things: flying and birds, the School Strike 4 Climate movement, music, Game of Thrones, animals, education, the outback and sport. I am lucky enough to have a family that tries to provide all those things for me.


I go to Kindlehill School for Steiner Education, as I have been for virtually my whole life and love it to bits. Kindlehill has allowed me to grow my creative circle, making me more musically and artfully advanced. At Kindlehill we go on probably more camps then any other school in New South Wales; visiting cultural sights across both NSW and Queensland. My latest and last camp with Kindlhill took us all the way to North West Island in the Great Barrier Reef where we spent 7 nights living with nature, the turtles,sheoak trees and shearwater birds, on the beach in island time.


Next year on January the 17th, I will be venturing out to the Canary Islands, Spain, for 12 months. I am so excited! Even though it will be sad to leave behind my current world, it will be even more exciting to go to a new one. While there I will do my best to do everything I possibly can. I will to visit every island, do the Euro tour, learn the language and so much more. Even the prospect of going on exchange has changed me, making me more independent and strong, building my work and perseverance ethic and even reminding me how precious my life is. Thank you Rotary International for this once in a life time opportunity.