So I guess this is the last blog I will be writing on exchange huh? Well, let’s get right into it. This exchange has been quite possibly the best half years of my life, exploring a new place and meeting new people, making new friends and learning a new language! But I have learned more than Spanish, I have grown in my humanity, my sensibly, my experience and wisdom and my maturity. though my exchange is ending soon I will take my time here with me forever and, of course, I will come back to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain to see my amazing host family and thank them again for everything they have done for me. I would also like to thank both Katoomba Rotary Club and the Las Palmas Rotary club for making this time possible (see you soon Katoomba).



June consisted mostly of me waiting around the house and occasionally going on a walk as I waited for the war between my mum and my two Rotary Clubs to end. By then my family and I made a choice decision to bring me home. After a knew I was definitely going home I tried to do as much as possible in the time I had left. I went fishing with my host father and brother, went on long walks to past the time when there was nothing to do, I met up with friends, made lots of music and tried to by something to take home with me, (I did have a bracelet that was pretty cool but when I went into the shop and found out it was 21 euros and decided it wasn’t worth that much).

I also realised that I was very short on pins, due to the situation with COVID19 and a serious lack of tourist shops in Las Palmas (or at least that I know of)I still hadn’t found any pins by late June. It was then when I thought of an idea, I went into a shop at the bus station and bought a lot of postcards and pictures of Las Palmas and Gran Canaria, my intention is to saw the pictures on to the back of my blazer to create a walking artwork. For actual pins, I suspect that I will have to dig deeper into the depths of Las Palmas.



At the latest rotary meeting Ani, the last President of Las Palmas rotary club past the title down to Eloise. We had an amazing meal for probably the last time and I made a short speech to the Rotarians, thanking them for everything and that I will 100% be back, with my family and maybe later with my friends. Sadly, I also found out that my friend and only other remaining exchange student in Spain Ludovica was leaving on the 7th, one week before me. We decided to meet up one more time before we both leave and most likely never see each other again. (Didn’t happen until July)


Never look back when you miss out on something. you may miss a party or camp or something more important but whatever it is you shouldn’t care once it is over. Missing out on opportunities is just another way of saying your gaining more.

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